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Scope It. Shape It. Ship It.

At FIG we empower our developers and designers.

Our clients work directly with the team that brings their project to life.

Scope It.

We believe that determining the scope of the work to be done is most important aspect of a successful project. The adage "measure twice, cut once" is just as relevant to software development as it is carpentry. At FIG we believe well-scoped projects are those that can successfully ship in two months, what we refer to as a development cycle.

Shape It.

Once a project has been scoped, a FIG team is ready to start shaping. No sprints, no additional management overhead; our clients work directly with the lead programmer or designer on the project. Two months is the perfect amount of time to tackle difficult work, without allowing for scope creep or pivoting.

Ship It.

Shipping work is the best part. Nothing makes our team members happier than presenting our clients with completed work. The deliverable could be anything from a new release of an existing project, setting up the production environment for a new project, or even a simple hand-off of assets to the client's own development team. At FIG, no matter what the definition of done is, we love to ship it.

Recently Shipped

Betaworks Studios
Betaworks Studios Screenshot

Betaworks Studios is an up-and-coming collaborative workspace, with a focus on teaching and cross-pollination of ideas through workshops and lectures. Betaworks Studios came to FIG wanting to build out a web-based registration flow for new members.

Over the duration of the ten month engagement we provided them with a React front-end built on Firebase that could accept member registrations, take payment for membership, and integrated with various marketing tools for continued engagement.

9Health Fair Online Registration
9Health Fair Registration Screenshot

9Health Fair runs bi-annual health fairs for local communities throughout the state of Colorado. As part of a larger revamp of their properties FIG built out a new registration system for participants.

Leveraging a React front-end and a NodeJS API layer we created a simple and easy to use registration flow that allows a participant to pick a fair to attend, and what screenings are wanted. The end of the process includes the ability to pay online, as well as log in to your account at a later date to see screening results.